Volunteer Center and Hospitality Desk

Volunteer Center

The conference Volunteer Center is located at the top of the escalator that comes up from the lobby to the conference registration area. All volunteers should be sure to check in there when they arrive at the hotel, and will be asked to sign in there before they head off to their various volunteer assignments.

Should those already on the volunteer roster, as well as any other conference attendees, wish to add volunteer hours to their day, check in FREQUENTLY. You can be assigned at any time to help out.

Hours: Daily, 8 AM to 5 PM
Coordinator: Lois Rosen
Contact info: lois {at} jgsla(.)com

Hospitality Desk

A Hospitality desk will be set up near Registration and will be staffed daily with volunteers ready to help you. Fliers and brochures will be available for local points of interest, as will maps of downtown Los Angeles. There will be information on local transportation and on local events taking place in L.A. the week of the conference. Volunteers will be ready to point you to nearby restaurants and will
strive to answer any questions you might have.

The conference Lost and Found will be located at the Hospitality Desk, and there will be a large bulletin board there for you to post messages and notes to your fellow conference goers.

In addition, this will be where you can sign up for our special “Dinners with 8 Strangers”. If you are at the conference alone, or would simply like to meet some new people, or perhaps would like to try one of the local restaurants and would like some company doing so, then come have a look at our sign up sheets. We will have the name of the restaurant, the dinnertime and the cost posted.

Hours: Daily, 9 AM to 5 PM
Coordinator: Sarah Karamas
Contact info: Contact Sarah: through the Volunteer Center