The 1860′s

Founding of Beth-El Congregation. First High Holidays held.
A prolonged flood devastated the Los Angeles area carrying away gardens, homes and vineyards.
Moritz Morris and Joseph Newmark convinced Rabbi Abraham Wolf Edelman to come to Los Angeles from San Francisco to start a congregation. Newmark had previously served as lay rabbi at weddings and for the High Holy Days. The first formal Jewish services were conducted by for the newly formed B’nai B’rith Congregation.
H. M. Cohn and Leopold Harris opened a Kosher meat market.
A smallpox epidemic ravaged Los Angeles, especially the Mexican and Indian population.
A drought occurred in Los Angeles basin lasting three years. At the end of these disasters, residents had fled and the agrarian economy, the pastoral quality of life, had changed forever.
Marked the end of the Civil War.
Louis Lewin, the printer, and Charles Jacoby organized the Pioneer Lot Association which developed the area later known as Boyle Heights.
Aliso Homestead Association.

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