About this website

Bug reports

To report a bug with this website, please contact Brooke Schreier Ganz at webmaster {at} jgsla2010(.)com. Please include as much specific detail as you can about your problem, and don’t forget to include your web browser name and version number, and your computer’s operating system and version number. For example: “I am using Firefox version 3.5.3 on a Mac that is running OS X 10.5.”.

Our translators

We would like to sincerely thank the many dedicated volunteer translators who helped create the multi-lingual text you see on this website. Some volunteers even translated into more than one language for us! THANK YOU to:

Translators: Hebrew

  • Osnat Hazan
  • Sarah Krein
  • Zalman Lazkovich
  • Josef Rosin
  • Moshe Shavit

Translators: Spanish

  • Judith Berlowitz
  • Carlos Glikson
  • Lilian Schorr Landes

Translators: Portuguese

  • Eliana Aizim
  • Richard Strimber

Translators: French

  • Victoria Barkoff
  • Marla Osborn
  • Brigitte Thireau
  • Jeni Armandez Ziara

Translators: Italian

  • Nardo Bonomi
  • Maris Rabolini

Translators: Dutch

  • Bert de Jong

Translators: Hungarian

  • Andrew Lenard
  • Moshe Shavit

Translators: Russian

  • Leo Alpert

Translators: Ukrainian (coming to the website soon!)

  • Vladimir Reznik

(If your name has accidentally been left off of this list, please contact us so we can add you!)

If you are interested in translating pages and posts from this website into your language, please e-mail info {at} jgsla2010(.)com . We are especially looking for translators for Farsi/Persian, Polish, and German.


This website was built using the free content management system and blogging platform WordPress (www.wordpress.org) and several of its plugins, including “All in One SEO Pack”, “Contact Form 7″, “Email Obfuscator”, “KB Countdown Widget”, “Tweetable”, and “WP-Cufón”, and a few others. The plugin “qTranslate” (www.qianqin.de/qtranslate/) is used extensively to manage all the text translations. Web hosting was provided free of charge by Dreamhost (www.dreamhost.com), which provides free web space and MySQL databases to non-profit organizations such as the JGSLA.